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Although Chinese poker itself is an exotic aspect, there are still several sub-genres, they are not that different from the classic version, but the approach to the game varies significantly. The most common disciplines of “China”:

Let’s look at these in this article and the various components of these games: fantasy, scoring, and other components that Chinese poker is impossible.

The main difference is that there are no betting circles, the winner is paid according to the points … This is a topic for a separate section at the end of the article. Therefore, the players in “The Chinese” focus on combining combinations rather than the financial component that makes the game more thoughtful and interesting.

Participants are given more cards, with a minimum of 13 and a maximum of 18 cards. Each arranges them at their own discretion, which allows to calculate winning moves more accurately and increase the chances of success.

In some regions the game is played with face cards. It would seem that such a move is pointless, opponents see that others can easily win. However, this is far from the case, due to the lack of business circles, a completely different strategy and obvious elements here do not guarantee success.

The main purpose of standard Chinese poker is to make three combinations of 13-hole cards …. These 13 cards are divided into three parts: one in three pieces, the other two in 5, placed in three rows (boxes) in a vertical row. The player’s task is to split your pocket cards into three boxes by trying to collect a winning combination in each.

It is important to remember the rule: combinations in all three lines cannot be placed randomly, they must have a strict hierarchical order. The top row is the weakest (three cards), the middle line is slightly better, the bottom line is the highest. For violations of this rule, a penalty and a clear loss are given and the player’s combinations are announced. “Dead”. Combinations of equal strengths are permitted in two or all boxes.

An interesting feature of Chinese poker: Players instantly take all 13 hole cards and put them in order. After that, everyone opens the boxes and compares the combinations; The one with the strongest combination wins.

All participants naturally try to collect high combinations in all three lines, but as practice shows, it is enough to have strong combinations in two boxes to claim victory. For example, if they have Flush Royal and Full House respectively, the leadership is practically guaranteed, the third row is no longer important.

These are the basic rules of classical Chinese poker. There are differences in other areas, they are not too significant, but they definitely deserve special attention.

You may often come across ideas that a particular direction is the foundation of Chinese poker. But with the hole cards described above, discipline became a classic, the instructions described below appeared a little later.

In the beginning each participant takes five cards face down in his own hand, he must distribute them in three boxes. Their location cannot be changed in the future.

Cards are dealt and arranged strictly clockwise.

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