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These two playing cards should be viewed secretly and must not be shown to other players. Immediately afterwards, the actual game starts with the first round of betting, with a total of five playing cards being revealed in the further course. After the first round of betting, the first three community cards, the flop, follow. After another round of betting, the fourth community card is revealed, the turn. After another round of betting, the last community card with the river is then revealed. The remaining cards from the deck are therefore left out in the respective round.

Although the poker sequence is already explained in another article, these are of course also part of the poker rules and must of course not be missing from this list. We have sorted the Texas Holdem values ​​in this case, starting with the weakest card, resulting in the following Texas Hold’em sequence:

As already mentioned, the first betting round in the game begins with the distribution of the two cards at the beginning. Even without even looking at the community cards, a player can raise the stake without any problems. At the same time, betting is repeated even after the additional community cards have been distributed, so that the respective Texas Hold’em hands can also be included here. It is important to note here that most poker rooms offer their players different ways of playing Texas Holdem.

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