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Here you should focus on staying calm and letting your opponent fire as many and high bets as possible before either calling or going all-in yourself if the opponent has not already done so.

No! The Royal Flush is the best possible poker hand and therefore unbeatable. This hand consists of the five royal cards of one suit that made Broadway into existence: ace, king, queen, jack and ten. Getting it is statistically extremely unlikely – once in 650,000 cases (more often in Omaha). Some players have never seen a royal flush in over a million real money poker hands at their own table.

Although the royal flush cannot be defeated, it is usually difficult to play as a hand, as the board scares off the competition with at least three plain-colored Broadway cards. Let us assume that the flop comes with Q-J-10 in hearts, but before that you have already made a juicy pre-flop raise with A-K in hearts; how many strong hands are left with the opponent and how does he assess the large stake before the flop in conjunction with the resulting board structure?

The situation seems more favorable in which one came into the hand in late position with so-called semi-connectors (A-Q / K-J) before the flop.

However, a bet must correspond to the big blind at least twice in the first betting round.

If someone has already bet before you, you can call this amount to stay in hand. Are z. For example, if you bet $ 10, you simply put $ 10 into the pot and you’re back in the game.

If nobody has bet before you, you can pass it on to the next player without having to bet yourself. But be careful: In the first round of betting, the blinds count as a bet, so you have to pay at least the big blind to stay in the hand.

You can increase the bet of a fellow player, e.g. B. Raising a $ 10 bet to $ 30. With this you set the price that each player has to pay to stay in the hand.

If the price to continue playing is too expensive for you, you can quit at any time and put your hole cards (usually face down, but openly allowed) aside. You will then lose your right to the pot.

As soon as all bets have been balanced, the next or the next community card is dealt and a new betting round begins. In all 4 betting rounds, a total pot is paid into which the winner (s) of the round receives.

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