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We have seen several times how reckless, weak players (suckers) throw their money away only to have to say goodbye blank and perplexed within a very short time. Always remember: If you haven’t found a sucker on your lap within half an hour, then you are! What it takes to become a very good Hold Em player is having fun with the game, serious interest, a little time and, most importantly, information. Therefore, here are some tips for anyone interested to try further (unfortunately there is no significant German-language poker literature):

9 IV LITERATURE: Alvarez, A. The biggest game in town Houghton Mifflin, 1983 Not a piece of strategy, but an entertaining insight into the fascinating poker scene. Brunson, Doyle. Super / System B&G Publishing, 1978 The Old Testament. Several experts write on different topics. Jones, Lee, Winning Low Limit Hold Em ConJelCo Publishing, 1997 Very legible review of strategy, especially for the lower limits. Krieger, Lou, Hold Em Excellence ConJelCo Publishing, 1995 Various aspects of the Hold Em game, from one who knows what he’s talking about. Sklansky, David Theory of Poker 2 + 2 Publishing, 1991 connoisseurs for one of the best books ever written about poker. Sklansky, David and Malmuth, Mason, Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players 2 + 2 Publishing, 1992 The New Testament.

German casino players who apply for the new German license have been exposed to a significantly reduced offer since October 15, i.e. the beginning of the tolerance phase. Most providers have removed all table games, live casino offers and slots that do not (yet) support the new features such as the panic button and the reality check.

However, the implementation of the latter features should not be too difficult for the operators, as this is also a required criterion in other already regulated markets, such as in the United Kingdom. In addition, since October 2020, further personal data such as place of birth and maiden name have been requested during the registration process. Players who were already registered were requested to submit this information as soon as possible.

The biggest challenge, however, will be the required stake limit per game round of a maximum of 1 euro, especially for players who are on the hunt for high jackpots and big wins. For many players, this limit currently appears to be set far too low and could lead to many players overflowing to the casinos that continue to work with a European license and thus higher limits.

In short: lower limits, less choice of games, more personal data are collected. It remains to be seen whether this will help protect players in the long term.

According to current information, bonus offers such as free spins and deposit bonuses are not directly affected, but restrictions will have to be expected here too, as the advertising measures will be severely restricted.

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